What is Craft Beer?

Our  microbrewery happily embraced this trend and introduced special types of malt and hops .We work with lots of love and passion for our product. Craft beer is made by our  master brewer who have developed our brands and who use only the best ingredients and develop our recipe artisanally Craft beer is artisanally brewed beer, as opposed from international brewery corporations targeting mass markets.

We believe that the best results are born from the best possible ingredients. We insist on the highest quality and freshest ingredients for every beer we brew, with an eye toward the environment.

The unfiltered beer from our microbrewery contains all the value-giving vitamins, and flavors, it is not pasteurized. So you can it with a fresh milk directly from farmers and compare a long-life milk.Unlike more conventional brews, are using exceptional quality hops variants or specific brewing techniques.

Our premium beers are unique creations 

Festival Beer,

Pilsener Beer , 

Weisen Beer 

Indian Ale Pale are from our microbrewery.

October Fest

 The quality and freshness are  the reasons why the most guests choose them.



Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt P259
Floor Malted Bohemian Wheat Malt P337
Organic Munich Malt P315
Pale Ale Malt Q023
Selected Brewing ingredients
Analysis Diamond
Analysis Munich
Analysis Windsor
Festival Beer